The Four Letter Word Dictionary




Anyone who has spent much time in an American school lately will quickly tell you that it is not unusual to hear a stream of infamous four letter expressions emanating from the mouths of students. Whether at school or in the general community, many American teens appear to have mastered the art of four letter word usage. This book is designed for educators and parents who want to reinforce useful language and vocabulary development. Contained within the pages of this book are more than 3,000 small words that carry big meanings.

If your teen or student has become stuck in a rut of hurling “F” bombs and an assortment of other foul four letter vulgarities in every sentence or whether she has developed a habit of expressing herself inappropriately at the most inopportune time, “The Four Letter Word Dictionary for the American Teen,” is just the tool you’ve been looking for. Parents and teachers alike have found this book to be an invaluable aide in encouraging proper vernacular and reducing the instances of foul, inappropriate speech. It has proved helpful in assisting young people in heightening their ability to engage in more suitable discourse. It has been used successfully in preparing young people for the world of college, employment and life. Use this book to reinforce your message about the importance of vocabulary. It is designed to help to instill an understanding of the word origins that make up the melting pot and foundation of the English language.