How We Got Started

Vertex Learning, LLC is a full service educational publishing and consulting firm dedicated to helping develop authors in the education publishing space and delivering world class consulting services for educational institutions. Our publish arm is dedicated to helping content reach its destination by providing a broad range of physical and digital services to the book industry, Vertex Learning is a partner to authors, booksellers, librarians and educators. Our consulting division provides a rich portfolio of services designed to accomplish a broad spectrum of educational goals and objectives.  As a leader in distribution, print-on-demand and digital solutions, Vertex Learning provides librarians and booksellers with immediate access to the largest selection of trade books, e-books, interactive textbooks, audio, magazines, and other book-related products in the industry. Authors rely on Vertex Learning as a key provider of demand-driven printing, digital, and marketing solutions. We provide secure, cutting-edge, and profitable answers to the questions our author partners have about the changing opportunities in the book industry. No other single source has the comparable experience, expertise, and connectivity in bringing supply chain management, archive, and print and digital solutions to the market. Vertex Learning, LLC is an innovative, fee-based distribution solution, giving authors and their titles the broadest possible access to customers worldwide. We provide superior services for authors in the U.S. and the U.K. We are reinventing the future of distribution. Additionally, our capabilities include program evaluation services, contract school management services, staff development training, and a corps. of highly effective consultants as speakers and presenters in all areas of education, organization, and management consulting